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Academica's sustainable ambitions strengthened by B Corp certification.

Drs. Margareth de Wit MBA
Author Drs. Margareth de Wit MBA
Last modified 13 June 2023
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From June 1, 2023, Academica University of Applied Sciences may call itself a B Corp!
We are proud to be a member of the global B Corp community as it helps us further pursue our mission: 

“A better life through better education, transparent governance and leadership, and a focus on sustainability.”


Thanks to our focus on educational quality and leadership as an engine for change, Academica is building a sustainable future for everyone. From our office in Amsterdam, for example, we train the powerful leaders of tomorrow through our two faculties – the School of Education & Society and the School of Leadership in Sustainability – with the help of contemporary bachelor-master courses. 'Knowledge precedes skills' is the starting point of all our educational activities.


This certification is in line with our ambition to generate sustainable impact based on 'lifelong learning' - Margareth de Wit, CEO Academica 



A new era of sustainable impact


As a certified B (benefit for all) company, Academica meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. As B Corp, we partner with a global movement of more than 6,800 companies, 161 different industries in 90 different countries committed to creating a positive impact on society and the environment.




The B Global Network mobilizes the B Corp movements to change our economic systems to positively impact all stakeholders - workers communities, customers, and our planet.




Bron: B Corporation



Measuring our impact


Achieving B Corp certification is the result of our commitment to sustainability in all of our courses and masters. We have thoroughly reviewed our business practices to meet the strict requirements of the certification. This included measuring our impact on the sustainability values: Workers, Customers, Community, Governance and Environment.

We are proud that we are now officially recognized as a B Corp, with a whopping 98.6 points.

With this certification, we set the tone in the academic world. As pioneers in the field of sustainability, we show that it is possible to create a business model that balances profit and social added value. The extensive assessment of B Corp has clearly shown what impact Academica has on society and what goals we pursue. These goals are represented by the following 4 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


SDG 4Goal 4: quality education

Academica ensures equal access to quality education and promotes lifelong learning for everyone. She is committed to continuous improvement of her courses and masters. Through sound, evidence-based, accredited and blended education, Academica contributes to the development of excellent professionals.




Goal 5: gender equality 

Academica is committed to gender equality in education. She promotes equal opportunities and equal representation of women in all fields of study and functions within the academic world. By promoting inclusiveness and offering equal opportunities, Academica contributes to achieving gender equality.



SDG 8Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Academica pays attention to fair work and economic growth in its business practices and curricula. It supports the development of skills and knowledge relevant to the labor market and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. In this way, Academica promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all



SDG 10Goal 10: Reduce inequality

Academica strives to reduce inequality by providing accessible and inclusive education. She focuses on creating equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their background, gender or socio-economic status. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusive education, Academica contributes to reducing inequality in countries.



Pursuing these SDGs has a positive and sustainable impact on both individuals and wider society. It improves educational opportunities, inclusiveness, equal representation and economic growth, while helping to reduce inequality. By pursuing these goals, Academica plays an important role in promoting sustainable development and creating a better future for all.


Leadership for a better world


As a B Corp, Academica confirms its aim to make a positive contribution to society.


We focus on increasing positive impact and continuously improving performance, which leads to long-term resilience for people and society.
Margareth de Wit, CEO Academica 


The focus within Academica's courses and masters is on developing personal leadership. The central question is: "What is the impact I have on my environment from four levels: ME, WE, WORK and WORLD?" With this, Academica recognizes that leadership is not just about individual performance, but rather about being aware that leaders influence their immediate environment, the organizations in which they work and the wider world around them.

By emphasizing personal leadership and the awareness of the impact on different levels, Academica encourages its students to take responsibility and show leadership in the pursuit of a sustainable society.

In this way, Academica students actively contribute to the realization of various SDGs. By being aware of the impact they can have, they strive to contribute to goals such as promoting equality, driving sustainability and contributing to fair and responsible economic growth. Their ongoing commitment, actions and research have a tangible and positive impact on society, paving the way for a sustainable future.





All B Corps sign the Declaration of Interdependence as part of their certification, making a commitment to embody the values of the B Corp community and work towards our collective vision of business as a force for good.




Bron: B Corporation


As part of the B Corp Community, Academica can use its activities even more strongly for a better society. The recognition as a B Corp strengthens Academica's position to put sustainability and social impact at the heart of all its efforts. It opens the door to new partnerships, knowledge sharing and synergy with like-minded organizations worldwide. With this inspiring step towards a more sustainable future, Academica confirms its commitment to continuously strive for positive change and to contribute to a just and sustainable society.
Business as a Force for Good!


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