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€25,000 - €500,000 subsidy: Learning and developing your employees becomes the norm.

Does your organization already have the focus, knowledge, and resources for this?
Drs. Margareth de Wit MBA
Auteur Drs. Margareth de Wit MBA
Laatst gewijzigd 7 August 2023
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Good news! Starting from September 1st, the so-called "SLIM subsidy" will be available, specifically aimed at developing a sustainable HR policy.


What is SLIM-budget?

The "Stimuleringsregeling Leren en ontwikkelen in MKB-ondernemingen" (Stimulation Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs) is a government subsidy designed for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) that want to develop their employees to stimulate their business growth. It is also applicable to collaborations between at least two SMEs, as well as large companies in the agriculture, hospitality, or recreation sectors.


Are you a professional/leader with the ambition to support your organization through your leadership by developing a sustainable HR policy? Or, is your organization interested in making learning and development a central focus to prepare for sustainable growth with your professionals and leaders?

Our training programs are specially designed to prepare you and your organization for a sustainable future. Both our short courses and our MBA Leadership in Sustainability have a specific focus on the desired results of the subsidy program. They offer you and your organization the opportunity to educate your professionals through one of the subsidized activities.

Academica University of Applied Sciences is eager to be your partner in preparing you and your organization for a sustainable future.  Schedule  a personal advisory meeting here to make your ambitions possible.

The SZW website provides you with all the information to read about the measure and conditions in detail.

Submission of applications to the government: From September 1st, 09:00, to September 28th, 2023, 17:00.

Waiting for initiative approval: Takes approximately 18 weeks.

Getting started: Downloads and attachments


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