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Effective learning by knowing what really works

Dr. Carl Hendrick tells parents how learning happens.
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Laatst gewijzigd 15 May 2024
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What’s the best way for children and adolescents to learn for their exams? And how can parents contribute to this learning process? The majority of learning takes place at home, so the home situation needs to be suitable to follow effective learning methods.



To give parents a better understanding of how they can contribute to their children's performance, David James, principal of the Lady Eleanor Holles school in London, partnered with Academica. And together with our colleague Dr. Carl Hendrick, professor of how learning happens, we created a video series to tell parents of students more about the science behind learning.

In his research, Carl found that many students are unaware if their learning strategies are effective. In these videos, he explains which strategies do have the desired effect and which do not. For example, multitasking could actually be seen as switching between tasks rapidly, which can lead to poorer learning outcomes in the long run.

This has not gone unnoticed. The British newspaper The Times wrote an article about the video series with Carl. This article can be read through the link below.



Also interested in what Carl shares in these videos? Then get in touch with and we'll be glad to tell you more. And would you like to know more about how learning works? Use the link below to find all the information you need about the How Learning & Teaching Happens program.


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